Recently a friend of mine said she was going back to blogging. This is something I did a while ago and from a very outside position. I helped with a book blog when I first started out in my writing career. I thought reading books and reviewing would be where I found my people. And it was…until it wasn’t for me anymore.

The crash and burn of that failure is something to be left in the past.

So when blogging came up in a discussion, I’ll be honest… I was hesitant. I still am. Even as I write this. But, like all good friends she gave it to me straight.

I don’t have to pick one thing to blog about. It can be my blog to do whatever I want with.


Which is good because I love so many things. I enjoy time with my kids who are hysterical. I love writing, sometimes. Like when it comes easy, so, maybe not that often at the moment…

I enjoy reading. Especially when I get that book that just captures me I’m lost until it’s done.


Even though right now I’m in that funk that makes every book sound the same and none of them grab me and scream read me.

(My writing and reading worlds always run parallel.)

I enjoy date nights even if I fail terribly at them. (You’ll hear about those the more I blog I’m sure.) I’m basically a dude at heart with a female’s fantasy mind. I can see the goal…


I just can’t achieve it…


I love the good, bad, and awkward of Pinterest so I’m sure you’ll get the good, bad, and probably shouldn’t post about results from things I decide to try.


You’re going to that site to try and make that shirt, aren’t you?

So I guess this will be my life blog. Which will get super boring fast because I’m a total introvert but let’s see how this goes.